Eduardo Salavisa. Brief biography: Born in Lisbon, Portugal, where he lives and works. He attended the Lisbon Fine Arts School where he got a degree in Equipment Design around 1980. He has worked in Industrial Design and conceived some pieces that were later produced in limited quantity and put up for sale. The pieces he enjoyed most making were some wooden toys. Due to several constraints, Design became a disappointment, and he devoted himself to painting. He exhibited some of his paintings and drawings. However, he is more interested in drawing due to its experimental character and because it is more a process than a result. Accordingly, he became interested in Travel or Graphic Diaries, in the systematic recording of everyday life as it can be both play it is as such. He teaches at Pedro Nunes High School, in Lisbon. Besides working on his own graphic Diaries, not only while travelling but also in his everyday life; He also studies other authors Diaries, using them in his and other teacher’s classes.

Lago de Annecy. França. Julho 2008.
Photo by Margarida Boto

© 2007 Eduardo Salavisa