The Graphic Diary, being such an important tool for fine artists, as well as for people from the most diverse backgrounds; Who use to draw frequently in a small sketchbook; Will surely be of great importance for students in general, who will became more aware, attentive, willing to experiment and more likely to use their sketchbook to systematically register their everyday life.

There are several approaches to the use of the Graphic Diary as a didactic tool. One of them is to give hints periodically; to give simple suggestions; Always stimulating itís use as a personal diary. Some of the suggestions that were presented and tested by teachers in several schools can be for instance:

_Outside visits
_Public transport fares
_Urban spaces
_Own body
_Making your own diary
_Body parts
_Interior spaces
_People in Motion
_Techniques / Experiments
_Views from the School
_People in quick sketches
_Dialogue: Written Word / Images
_Doors / Windows
_Old Shoes
_Home / School way
_Different views of a Room
_Preexisting images
_Guided tours

Esc. António Arroio. Lisboa. [pdf]

Esc. Soares dos Reis. Porto. [pdf]

Esc. Daniel Sampaio. Sobreda. [pdf]

Esc. Antero de Quental. Ponta Delgada. [pdf]