Gabi Campanario. Spain. 1969. Illustrator. Journalist


Drawing is something I've done since I was a kid. I remember sketching the ruins of a ca stle in my parent's hometown of Montemolín (Badajoz) when I was sixteen. I would sit in the middle of the street during 'siesta' time and sketch. I keep drawing this castle again and again every time I visit.

In the last decade or so I've become especially attached to my sketchbooks. Now I keep them everywhere, even in the car so I can take notes while I'm stopped at a traffic light. I mostly use Moleskine sketchbooks. I draw directly in ink with Micron pens and color with light washes of gouache. Recently I've also been sketching with Niji waterbrushes, primarily black and white sketches.

I draw to get better at drawing and to record 'visual' moments in time. Drawing is like writing. I want to be able to draw as effortlessly as others can write. And tell stories with my drawings. My subjects vary from daily urban life, people coming and going, reading on the bus, to architecture, buildings that I like and scenes from where I live now, the Pacific Northwest region around Seattle: a day at the beach or an afternoon sitting in my garage drawing the street while my kids play outside