In this research on Graphic Diaries I have contacted some authors and done some reading. I have not limited myself to Plastic Artist and have included people from all areas who use this type of record as an incentive to their creative process. The questions asked, which are the main reference points of the texts that follow, are:

1. How do you make up the “Graphic Diary”, both in the physical and technical aspects, under which circumstances, in what way, which types of “things” are recorded, …

2. How did this work affect a later one? Or, how was this previous work used?


_Alarcão, Renato. Brasil. 1970. Illustrator
_Alexandre, Tiago. Portugal. 1988. Student at FBAUL
_Alonso, Rodrigo. Espanha. 1982. Licenc. em Belas Artes. Estudante de Comunicação Audio-visual
_Ançã, Luís. Portugal. 1955. 1955. Artista Plástico e Professor
_Assis, José. Lisboa. 1954. Artista plástico e professor
_Balkenhol, Stephan. Germany. 1957. Sculptor
_Baptista, Pedro. Portugal. 1948. Photographer. Designer. Artist Painter
_Barceló, Miquel. Spain. 1957. Painter
_Bettencourt, Vera. Portugal. 1978. Artista Plástica. Professora
_Bismark, Mário. Portugal. Pintor. Professor
_Branco, Nuno. Arquitecto. Jesuíta
_Brandão, Sara. Portugal. 1986. Estudante de arquitectura
_Brazão, Fernando. Portugal. 1973. Artist Painter
_Cabral, Pedro. Portugal. 1954. Architect.
_Camara, Richard. Portugal. 1973. Visual Artist
_Campanario, Gabi. Spain. 1969. Illustrator. Journalist
_Campos, Susana. Portugal. 1967. Artist Painter. Teacher. Illustrator
_Capecchi, Simonetta. Italy. 1964. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Cardoso, Ana. Artista Plástica. 1980. Porto
_Castro, Telmo. Portugal. 1962. Architect. Teacher.
_Chavarría, Javier. 1966. Espanha. Artista plástico, cenógrafo e profesor universitário
_Cid, Mónica. Portugal. 1973. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Coelho, António. Portugal. 1972. Design gráfico, fotografia e aplicações web e multimédia.
_Colombo, Jorge. Portugal. 1963. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Comics Artist. Photographer
_Côrte-Real, Eduardo. Teacher
_Cortez Pinto, Rita. Portugal. 1977. Artist Painter
_Crumb, R. USA. 1943. Comic's Artist
_Cruzeiro Seixas, Artur. Portugal. 1920. Artist Painter. Poet
_Delacroix, Eugène. França. 1798-1863. Artist Painter
_Dubroca, Lucile. France. 1966. Landscape Architect
_Faria, Fernando. Moçambique. 1969. Architect. Teacher
_Faria, Filipe Leal. Portugal. 1976. Architect.
_Fernandes, Hugo Nazareth. Arquitecto. Professor
_Fernandes, Pedro. Portugal. 1978. Geologist. Illustrator
_Fiadeiro, Isabel. Portugal. 1963. Pintora
_Flores, Enrique. Spain. 1967. Illustrator
_Fonseca, Marta. Portugal. 1985. Artist
_Franco, Filipe. Portugal. 1968. Scientific illustrator
_Galvão, José António. 1969. Financeiro
_Garcia, Catarina. 1986. Artista Plástica e Estudante.
_Gaspar, Carlos. 1988. Student
_Gaspar, Pedro. 1982. Designer
_Gata, Isabel. Portugal. 1973.
_Gervásio, José Miguel. Portugal. 1968. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Gonçalves, António Jorge. Portugal. Comic's Artist. Comics Illustrator
_Herranz, Miguel. Espanha. Ilustrador
_Henriques, Ricardo. Portugal. 1977. Copywriter
_Hockney , David. England. 1937. Artist Painter
_Hopper, Edward. USA. 1882-1967. Artist Painter
_Huffstot, Ana Marta. Portugal. 1987. Arte Multimédia
_Ivo. Portugal. 1979. Artist Painter
_Kahlo, Frida. México. 1907-1954. Artist Painter
_Kiefer, Anselm. Germany. 1945. Artist Painter
_Klee, Paul. Germany. 1879-1940. Artist Painter
_Lacas, Rui. Portugal. Comic's Artist
_Lagoa Henriques. Portugal. 1923. Sculptor. Teacher
_Lapin. France. 1981. Illustrator
_LeCorbusier. Swiss. 1887-1965. Architect. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Lima, Nei. 1954. Brazil. Graphic designer and Teacher
_Linhares, Mário. Designer and Teacher
_Lopes, Rui Costa. Portugal. 1944. Philosophy teacher
_Louro, José. Designer. Teacher
_Luzia, Ângela. Portugal.1963. Historian. Almada's Museum Director
_Mamede, Pedro. Portugal. 1968. Designer. Professor. Estudioso do desenho de artistas feito em viagem
_Marta, Clara. Espanha. 1966.
_Matisse, Henri. França. 1869-1954. Artist Painter
_Mira, Miguel. Portugal. Architect. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Monteiro, Helena F. 1946. Professora
_Moore, Henry. Inglaterra. 1898-1986. Sculptor
_Morais, Pedro. Portugal. 1962. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Comics Artist
_Moreira, Marco. Portugal. 1978. Student
_Moro, Mauro. Italian living in Portugal. 1977. Architect
_Navas, Miguel. Portugal. 1963. Architect. Artist Painter. Teacher
_Neves, José. Portugal. Architect
_Oliveira, Susana. 1967. Teacher. Illustrator
_Pereira, Rui Horta. Évora. 1975
_Picasso, Pablo. Spain. 1881-1973. Artist Painter
_Pinheiro, João. Brasil. 1981. Artist Painter
_Porto, Ana. Portugal. Artist Painter
_Poulain, Pascal. França. 1969
_Pratt, Hugo. Italy. . 1927-1995. Comic's Artist
_Queiroz, João. Portugal. 1957. Artist Painter
_Ramos, Manuel J. Portugal. 1960. Antropologist. Teacher. Illustrator. Comic's Artist
_Rebolo, João Portugal. 1956. Architect. Teacher
_Reis, Camila 1986. Student at the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon
_Rosengarten, Ruth England. Artist. Art historian.
_Salgado, Pedro. Portugal. 1960. Science Drawer. Biologist
_San Payo, Manuel. Portugal. 1957. Teacher. Artist Painter
_Sánchez, José Maria. Spain. 1958. Designer
_Santolaya, Antonia. Spain. 1966. Illustrator
_Sara Simões. Portugal. 1980. Designer and illustrator.
_Siza Vieira. Portugal. 1933. Architect
_Trindade, Jorge. Portugal. 1978. Designer
_Turner, Joseph M. W. England. 1775-1851. Artist Painter
_Vidal, Francisco. Cape-Vert. 1978. Artist Painter
_Vilas-Boas, Pedro. Portugal. 1983. Design student
_Ware, Chris. USA. 1967. Comic's Artist


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