Portraits. I make a quick graphite sketch of people sitting on a position of their choice. Later, with time, I make some corrections and paint the drawings with watercolors; (There are two exceptions: numbers 7 and 64). I always use A4 Fabriano paper. All the portrayed are people I know, friends I contact with on a daily basis. I draw them day in day out as in a Diary. With some of them this happens naturally, with others I had to make appointments. Likeness is not a main concern; some recognize themselves, others not so much. Legends consist of: Name, professional activity, date and time of the first sketch. As any other diary, it has no end, it is work in progress, and there are still many people I want to draw.



Lapin. Ilustrador
Vive e trabalha em Barcelona
Desenho realizado em 11 Janeiro 2010 pelas 22h15

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